Men and Women’s Health On-Demand
(12 hrs. CPE)

Men and Women’s Health On-Demand
(12 hrs. CPE)



iCARE Pharmacy Services, Inc. is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. This is an ACPE knowledge-based activity. Participants may receive up to 12 hours of CPE credit by attending sessions and successfully completing the CPE activity evaluation.

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Speakers have no relevant conflict of interests nor financial relationships.  All persons in a position to control the content of this activity have declared that no conflict of interest exists for this activity.

Nuclear Pharmacists and any pharmacist interested in nuclear general education.

Participants must submit cancellations in writing. Participants will receive a credit for a future CPE program.

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Men and Women's Health On-Demand

Managing Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Dana A. Strachan, PharmD, BCPS, Dean, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Gregory School of Pharmacy

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to:  Explain the etiology, including pathophysiology and contributing factors, of male sexual dysfunction; Given a male patient, classify the type of sexual dysfunction he is experiencing; Discuss the adverse effects, role in therapy and significant drug-drug interactions associated with sexual dysfunction treatment options; Describe appropriate strategies to utilize in the male patient with erectile dysfunction who is not responding to traditional therapy recommendations; Explain patient characteristics that would make various sexual dysfunction treatment modalities inappropriate in men (i.e. contraindications); Provide appropriate non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic recommendations for a given male patient with sexual dysfunction  based on patient-specific parameters; Counsel a given patient on the appropriate administration and potential adverse effects of various sexual dysfunction treatment modalities; Discuss healthcare disparities related to erectile dysfunction and strategies to reduce them in clinical practice.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-001-L01-P*

Men vs. Women: Mental Health Considerations Among the Sexes

Jose Rey. MS, PharmD, BCPP Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Nova Southeastern University, Clinical Psychopharmacologist, South Florida State Hospital

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Discuss the different prevalences of mental health issues among the sexes; Recognize the factors influencing the different sexes with regards to their risk and presentation of mental illness; Describe the differences in psychotropic drug metabolism, possible dosing considerations between men and women, and specific treatments for disorders such as postpartum depression.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-003-L01-P

Navigating Menopause: Understanding Phases, Physiological Changes, and Symptom Management Strategies   

Stephanie Young Moss, PharmD, Founder, Menopause in Color

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Identify the phases of menopause; Describe the physiological changes associated with menopause; List and categorize common and uncommon symptoms of menopause; Describe the impact of menopause on women's health and quality of life; State pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment options for managing menopausal symptoms; Explain the role of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopausal management; Develop communication strategies for counseling menopausal patients.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-004-L01-P

Is Osteoporosis Cutting Edge? What's New in Fracture Prevention                 

Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh, Chief Executive Officer, MIH Academy, Mobile Health Consultants, Inc.

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to:   Identify the impact of osteoporosis on health outcomes and cost of care; Interpret study results and key pharmacotherapeutic updates within the arena of fracture prevention; Evaluate key elements of biologics and other antiosteoporotic medications to identify critical counseling needs and changes in pharmacy practice; Apply concepts to patient case scenarios, illustrating appropriate osteoporosis pharmacotherapeutic care.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-005-L01-P*

Ladies and Gentleman…. An Update on Women and Men’s Health

Samantha L. Thompson, PharmD, CPh, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, Florida A&M University, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Compare and contrast various hormonal and non-hormonal contraception available currently; Discuss the utility and availability of long-term oral contraception, devices, and procedures along with the expectations of family planning; Review the updates available in male contraception; Discuss updates in men and women’s aging health; Identify the ongoing role of the pharmacy team in regards to the safe and effective health counseling for both male and female family planning and changes in life.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-006-L01-P

Conceiving with Confidence: The Pharmacist’s Role in Managing Infertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Mariette Sourial, PharmD, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Director of Interprofessional Education, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Define infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); Identify main causes and risk factors of infertility in males and females and PCOS; Compare and contrast the pharmacological agents used in infertility and PCOS; Given a case, recommend appropriate pharmacological and non-pharmacological regimen for the treatment of infertility and of PCOS; Counsel on the appropriate use, common adverse events and risks of use of a prescribed pharmacological regimen in infertility and in PCOS

UAN: 0675-0000-24-007-L01-P*

Unscrambling the Alphabet Soup of LGBTQIA+: Foundations of Sexual and Gender Minority Health

Kevin Astle, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, AAHIVP, CDCES, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapeutics and Clinical Research, University of South Florida Taneja College of Pharmacy

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Utilize appropriate terminology when discussing sexual and gender minority health, Recognize health disparities that exist in the sexual and gender minority population; Given a patient case, demonstrate strategies to overcome health disparities in sexual and gender minority patients.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-008-L04-P*

Multi-modal Approaches to Address Gender Health Disparities            

Angela M. Hill, PharmD, CRPh, Professor and Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, Project Director, WE-CARE, USF Health Taneja College of Pharmacy

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Discuss the causes of gender-related health disparities; Describe the impact of gender-related health disparities on therapeutic outcomes; Discuss strategies to eliminate gender-related health disparities; Explain how health professionals can close the gap of health disparities.

UAN: 0675-0000-24-009-L04-P