HIV/AIDS Update - Pharmacists

Pharmacist Evaluation

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Overall, how would you rate your educational needs.
The CPE activity met my educational needs.
The CPE activity objectives were met:
• Identify current modes of transmission of HIV and prevention strategies;
• Describe the epidemiology of HIV and the importance of infection control procedures;
• Distinguish the various therapeutic agents used to treat HIV AIDS;
• List complications associated with HIV/AIDS;
• State Florida law on HIV/AIDS and its impact on testing, reporting, confidentiality, procedures for pregnant women and partner notification;
• Identify the pharmacist role in providing care for HIV infected patients
The faculty is knowledgeable in the subject matter.
The teaching and learning assessments were effective.
The educational materials were appropriate and organized.
The presentation was free of commercial bias. If not, please explain.
The activity provided valuable information for my practice and my Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
I gained more knowledge in the subject matter after completing the activity.
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